Farmer's Choice Hosts First Annual Sidney Grower Meeting

Farmer’s Choice,Sidney, invites irrigated and dryland growers, along with cattle producers, to attend their first annual Sidney, MT grower meeting this Nov. 29, starting at 9 a.m. A lunch comprised of Enogen fed beef, mashed potatoes, cream corn, and salad will be provided. The meeting will be held at the Eastern Ag Research Center located at 1501 N. Central Ave, Sidney, MT. Speakers will cover the “full gamut” of agricultural concerns according to Steve Knorr, Farmer’s Choice co-owner, president, and CEO.

Six speaker teams will answer eight major questions facing our area’s farmers and cattle producers on how to improve their crop or animals’ performance. Increasing yield of corn and soybeans, improving drought resiliency, reducing irrigation bills, and improving nutrient uptake will be among the topics discussed. Beyond product, part of the meeting will present how to build relationships in the commodity business and fully explore your operations potential.

One of the companies with representatives speaking, JGL Commodities, who will be represented by Robbie Schatzer and Gary Mummaw, had this to say about their company. “JGL Commodities is a full-service feed ingredient supplier including merchandising, distribution and administration. Our experienced team brings a strong background of agriculture mixed with expertise in economic trends, market fluctuations and unique opportunities for growers that are not readily available through a traditional line company or elevator. JGL’s diverse and collaborative team of merchandisers ensures that farmers and end users get fair market value on their commodity sales and purchases.  Our vast network of livestock feed yards across western Canada allows JGL to procure corn, barley, and feed wheat in Montana and North Dakota to export north. JGL continues to grow the food industry as well, by procuring durum and canola in your areas to supply North American food companies.  Our in-house logistics team allows JGL to ship from the farmgate in a timely manner, taking your hard work from the bin to the bank. Our JGL family welcomes the opportunity to serve you and your family to the best of our ability.”

Josh Messer, BW Fusion & Agronomy 365, will speak on biologicals and the ability to measure what is happening in your soils. Adam Arestad, Golden Harvest agronomist, will cover “the do’s and don’ts of raising corn and soybeans.” Todd Axtell, Enogen, will be sharing how they reached a 5% feed efficiency gain in cattle through their feed; as mentioned above, beef raised on Enogen feed will be offered during the provided lunch, giving attendants a chance to experience the difference. Paul Eckebrecht, AgConcepts, will be speaking on soil resiliency and how to build it. Lastly, Steve Knorr and Emily Schlafmann, AgVision Max, will share their “scripted playbook” for reduced up front fertilizer while improving soil aggregation, nutrient cycling, and nutrient uptake.

Duane Peters, Sidney Farmer’s Choice agronomist, can be reached at 406-488-1010 with any questions, and looks forward to serving our area’s agricultural producers.


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