Cerilon Holds Open House Nov. 8

Cerilon, a company based out of Alberta, Canada held an open house at Trenton High School on Wednesday, Nov. 8. At the meeting, members of Cerilon’s leadership and technical teams were available to provide an update on the project and answer questions about the 24,000 barrel-per-day gas-to-liquids facility they are planning near Trenton.

The facility will use natural gas which is abundant in the region to create premium quality synthetic energy products including lubricant base oils, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and naphtha. They explained some of the various products they would be producing and a few of the methods they would be using like the Fisher-Tropsch production method. According to the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s website, http://www.netl.doe.gov, Fisher-Tropsch technology uses a well-known and established catalytic chemical process to produce liquid transportation hydrocarbon fuels and various other chemical products. Trenton was selected due to its access to utilities and infrastructure, abundant natural gas supply, suitable geology for carbon sequestration, and available transportation to markets. Construction is planned for mid to late 2025 with operations in 2028.

After the open house, Rochelle Harding, Cerilon’s Director of Sustainability and Engagement, said “We were extremely pleased with the turnout to this event and really appreciated the thoughtful input and questions we received from residents and business owners.”


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