Holidays Are About Family, Friends & Food! How Would You Like That Holiday Meal To Taste Better Than Ever!

Everyone knows that smoking is one of the single worst things we can do to our bodies. Tobacco addiction is one of the biggest killers in the world today. However, our bodies can recover from the fatal harm tobacco may cause. Our bodies are so incredible, they can start to heal themself from the dangers of smoking in a matter of minutes.

When you stop smoking, within 20 minutes your heart rate drops, and your blood pressure returns to normal.

After a single day of quitting, the risk of having a heart attack begins to decrease. It becomes easier to exercise because the level of good cholesterol rises.

After one day, the risk of heart disease and smoking-related high blood pressure drops. In this short amount of time, people’s oxygen levels will have risen, making exercise easier.

Two days of quitting, because smoking damages the nerve endings responsible for taste and smell, people will experience a heightened sense of taste and smell.

From 1-3 months, circulation in the body will continue to improve, and your lung capacity, oxygen levels, and levels of cardiovascular endurance will continue to improve.

After three months of stopping, women’s fertility is improved, and the risk of giving birth prematurely is decreased.

After six months, quitters will stop coughing up as much mucus and phlegm, and their airways will be much less inflamed.

After nine months of quitting, the lungs will have significantly healed themselves. The delicate hair-like structures, called cilia, will have recovered from the constant toll of smoke.

After one year of quitting, a person’s risk of coronary heart disease will be cut in half. The risk of this disease will continue to decrease.

After three years of stopping smoking, the risk of a heart attack will have decreased to that of a non-smoker.

If you quit smoking, not only will your holiday meal taste better, but you have also given yourself the gift of much better health. Set a quit date today and start reaping the rewards of feeling healthy.

If you are ready to be a quitter, call the Quit Line at 1-800-Quit Now, or go on line to This could be your best holiday ever!


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