Feeding Fertility: Understanding The Relationship Between Nutrition & Reproduction, Jan. 30

Many experienced the widespread issues with breed back this fall. Hannah Speer, Northern Ag Research Center Animal Science assistant professor, Havre, MT, will be in Sidney on Tuesday, Jan. 30 at 5:30 p.m. upstairs at the Meadowlark Public House to discuss Feeding Fertility: Understanding the Relationship Between Nutrition and Reproduction.

Speer will be discussing body conditioning scoring (BCS) and how it relates to postpartum interval, pregnancy rates, and important times to think about evaluating BCS throughout the year and when/how to add condition to cows/heifers. She will also discuss nutritional factors that can affect reproduction and feeding strategies to help producers set their herd up for reproductive success.

Dr. Speer is a native of western Kansas and recently graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with her PhD in ruminant nutrition. Her research focus there was on cow/calf nutrition and management within systems limited in perennial forage grazing. She evaluated alternative management strategies for systems where perennial forage grazing was limited or not feasible, and also focused heavily on the vitamin A needs of gestating beef cows fed stored forages for extended periods of time. She began her new role as Animal Science assistant professor at the Northern Ag Research Center, Havre, at the beginning of January, and looks forward to conducting research that is important to the producers of Montana.

Please plan to join us on Jan. 30 upstairs at the Meadowlark.


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