Application Deadline For Some Landowner Programs Is March 15 

HELENA – Landowners have until March 15 to apply for Unlocking Public Lands (UPL) Program or the Public Access Land Agreement (PALA) Program. These programs are designed to provide public access to state or federal land where access is either limited or doesn’t exist.  

For enrollment in UPL, landowners will receive an income tax credit in the amount of $750 per agreement and up to a maximum of $3,000 in tax credits in exchange for allowing access across the private lands via roads or trails to reach inaccessible public land. Landowners must hold the public land lease and can decide how the public may cross their private property.  

For enrollment in PALA, landowners will be paid, including money for possible infrastructure reimbursements (e.g., gravel, culverts, cattle guards) to facilitate public access to inaccessible public lands. Landowners must hold the public land lease. Payment amounts vary based on a variety of factors, with one landowner possibly holding multiple agreements. The governor-appointed Private Land/Public Wildlife Advisory Committee will review complete applications and make a recommendation to the FWP director. 

More information about these two programs, including enrollment criteria, application forms, and fact sheets describing these FWP public access programs, can be found at: 


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