Candidates Seek House Spot For District 29

Northeastern Montana residents Miles Knudsen and Valerie Moore are the two Republican candidates seeking the Montana House District 29 seat. The district includes most of Culbertson along with the communities of Froid, Plentywood and Scobey.

Primary election date is June 4. The two candidates answered the following questions. No Democrats are seeking the position.

Why did you decide to enter the race?

Knudsen: To continue the strong representation that eastern Montana has and needs. With redistricting, eastern Montana loses representation. This makes the experience I have helping your two former legislators Austin Knudsen and Rhonda Knudsen valuable for this area.

Moore: After much contemplation and consideration, I decided to run for HD 29 because I feel I have the desire and passion to truly represent the constituents of northeast Montana.

Which issues do you feel that area residents care the most about?

Moore: Several issues come to mind, some universal to all Montanans others more unique to northeast Montana. Sky high property taxes, retaining accessible healthcare and achieving quality education are among them. Putting our veterans first and Backing the Blue are important to me, as well.

Knudsen: Income tax rate. Property tax rate. Crime rate.

What is your professional background, experiences?

Knudsen: Farming, ranching, small business.

Moore: I have an associate degree in business, but more importantly I have years of community service as experience in the bank. Education forms the bedrock of any community, and my commitment to this principle was evident through my 10 years of service on the Westby School Board. Understanding the need to attract and retain the next generation, I served as chairman of the Westby Development Corporation for 20 + years. Recognizing the critical role of healthcare in our rural areas, I served on Sheridan Healthcare Foundation Board for eight years. Aside from that, I owned and managed Westby Meat and Grocery for over a decade and managed the clubhouse at Plentywood Golf Course for several years.

How do you feel that legislators can better represent Montanans?

Moore: I feel the best and only way to represent Montanans, particularly northeastern Montanans, is to listen to their issues, needs, and struggles and make yourself assessable to them. Let your constituents know you are in Helena for them. We may not win every battle, but the powers that be will know we are in the fight for the long haul.

Knudsen: The people I talk to say by cutting taxes, less spending and encouraging self reliance.

Is there a particular issue that you feel passionate about?

Knudsen: Taxes and judicial over reach.

Moore: If I had to pick one I would say accessible healthcare and long care facilities for our aging population. If you haven't lived here and walked through the trials of battling a trauma, a chronic illness, cancer therapy or an emergency surgery you may not understand the stress both financially and emotionally that traveling for care brings to our citizens. And, I don't believe most want their family in an elder care facility half way across the state from their home where dropping in for a frequent visit has been deemed impossible. But, because our residents deserve and need accessible healthcare, quality education, and to feel safe, all issues are important to me.


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