Council Approves Indoor Shooting Range Request

Sidney City Council approved a request from 406 Freedom for permission to have an indoor shooting range in Sidney’s city limits. The proposal is for the range to be located in the former Shopko and Reynolds’ south buildings.

Crystal Strait said the gun range will meet NRA standards and organizers have also received input from another range owner in the area. A lot of steel infrastructure and sound barriers are planned.

Sidney Chief of Police Mark Kraft said he doesn’t have problems with the proposal as long as it meets zoning standards.

City Attorney Thomas Kalil said shooting is prohibited in the city unless if the council approves it.

Additional plans are for the facility to feature a sporting goods store and classes on safety.

Council member Frank DiFonzo expressed concerns about the shooting range being located in a residential area. “I’d be worried about noise and safety,” he said.

Strait said that all range tours that she has toured have been quiet.

“I would certainly find out what the neighbors think about it before we make a decision here,” DiFonzo said.

Council member Tami Christensen said, “Personally, I’m glad to fill up an empty building.”

Council member Ken Koffler made the motion to approve the request if zoning is approved. The motion passed by a 4-1 margin with DiFonzo voting against.

Kraft reported that the Sidney Police Department is now fully staffed.

The city adopted the new zoning code by passing its second reading.

The council agreed to waive the building permit fee for the Richland County Nutter Building.

SDI Architects and B&B Builders presented a framed photo of the Nohly Bridge, taken by photographer Clint Whitmer.

The council approved the Sidney Tiger Sharks to use the hockey facility’s parking lot and Moose Park to help hold the state swimming meet on July 27-28.


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