Group Aims To Improve Savage Cemetery

The Savage Cemetery Board delivered a well-prepared budget request to the Richland County Commissioners on May 20.

New members of the committee include Dianne Etzel, Sandie Jepsen, Hanna Jepsen and Joe Slack. They noted that the funding request was higher than in previous years due to one-time needed projects.

“We will be respectable of all funds we are getting,” Slack said. He added that if there are any leftover funds, they will be carried over to the next year.

Projects could include repairing underground water pipes and resetting all the stakes in the cemetery.

Commissioners approved $40,050 for the Savage Cemetery. Last year’s amount from the county was $17,000.

Commissioners explained that three mills are used to help maintain cemeteries throughout the county. Each mill is worth about $60,129.

There are 22 cemeteries in the county. Commissioner Loren Young said some of the cemeteries don’t request any funds and receive donations from companies or get volunteer help from non-profits such as 4-H.

The list of cemeteries include Andes, Brorson, Cherry Creek, Crane, Elmdale, Fairview, Fisher, Four Mile, Grandview, Lambert Protestant, Lone Butte, Lynde, Mona Church of Christ, Newlon, Nohly, Pioneer, Prevost, St. Bernard’s, St. Peters, St. Theresa’s, Savage and Sidney.


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