Prairie To Peaks Animal Foundation Raises Money To Spay/Neuter Pets & Homeless Animals

The Prairie to Peaks Animal Assistance Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises money to subsidize spay/neuter costs for pets and homeless animals.

It was founded by Cynthia Misner to subsidize animal wellness including urgent and nutritional care.

Prairie to Peaks is not a rescue shelter, but an animal welfare organization. "We raise money to subsidize spay, neuter, and vaccinations. We also foster a few dogs and cats, usually babies to Mamas. We are helping to spay to stop the complete breeding cycle," said founder Cynthia Misner.  

Prairie to Peaks does not have a facility and can only foster a few animals at a time, as foster care openings permit. Misner urges people to be aware that just dropping off animals anywhere is not a safe environment for them.

All donations and sponsorships go directly to the animals.  

If interested in fostering, adopting, or donating, please contact Prairie to Peaks Animal Assistance Foundation on Facebook.


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