Lower Yellowstone REC Awards $12,000 In Scholarships

Lower Yellowstone Rural Electric Cooperative awarded 12 $1,000 scholarships to students who entered their Superhero scholarship contest at its annual meeting held Wednesday, June 5 in Sidney.

Winners were: Adriana Beyerle, BayLee Schlothauer, Brie Mullin, Cloey Eide, Dalton Bouchard, Drae Nelson, Ella Norby, Lauren Kjos, Lexi Morlock, Parvina Eshonqulova, Seth Beyerle and Taylor McPherson.

Students had to apply for the scholarship by submitting a short video of what superpower they would like to have, what they would do with the power, and what disadvantages it might pose. The recipients must submit proof of enrollment in order to receive the money.


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