Dr. Patwa, MSU-EARC Research Associate of Plant Pathology To Speak At MSU-EARC Field Day

At this year's Montana State University Eastern Agricultural Research Center Field Day in Sidney, MT, Dr. Nisha Patwa will be discussing her ongoing research into the effects of essential oil treatments in combating root rot in peas.

Organic growers are ever in search of improving their ability to produce crops with a solution in harmony with their organic status. Widespread root rot due to a buildup of the pathogen in soil led researchers at Montana State University to experiment with essential oil to control root rot in peas. In greenhouse research, it has shown effective, and she hopes to test it now in the field. Trials are currently underway to see if it has "real world" potential as an organic root rot combatant.

Nisha's presentation, titled "Essential Oil for Pulse Crop Disease Management", will take place June 27, from 9:55-10:15 a.m., during the field tour at the Sidney, MT station.


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