NRA Foundation Awards $7,300 In Equipment To Richland County 4-H

Sidney -The NRA Foundation has awarded Richland County 4-H a grant totaling $7,300 in supplies that were needed for the Richland County 4-H Shooting Program. "We are very excited about educational programs that teach youth how to be safe around firearms and archery equipment," said Josie Evenson, MSU / Richland County 4-H Extension Agent "and pleased that the NRA is making an investment in our community."

4-H is the youth development program of Montana State University. In Richland County, 4-H is a growing and thriving youth program. The current 4-H enrollment of 4-H in Richland County is 240 members. As the whole program in Richland County continues to grow, so do many of the 4-H project areas. One of the areas that has seen growth over the past five years is the shooting sports project. Currently, 35 members participate in the shooting sports projects, therefore, there was a need for new supplies. In the 4-H shooting sports project youth members work with certified and trained volunteers to learn about firearms and archery. The main goal of the Shooting Sports program is to teach youth to be safe around and in the use of firearms and archery equipment. Youth will most likely encounter firearms and archery equipment in their day to day lives. If the program can instill in them the safe and ethical use of shooting equipment, they will know how to interact with the equipment when they encounter it outside of the shooting program. These lessons are instilled in the youth by learning and practicing safety and marksmanship during shooting days.


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