Lone Tree Archers Club Offers Family Fun, Lifelong Skills

The Sidney Lone Tree Archers Club offers a safe, fun environment for the whole family to enjoy the classic sport of archery. Located just 6.5 miles from the Sidney roundabout, the 40-acre archery range is located in the beautiful hills just off River Road.

Approximately 20 bale targets with pictures of animals are set up year-round on the range. There is also a hiking trail around the property with shooting stakes along the way. A practice range by the clubhouse featuring stakes from 20-60 yards allows archers of every skill level the opportunity to hone their skills. The clubhouse has a fridge and table as well as picnic tables under the awning. A well-maintained outhouse is also nearby.

Monday night is Club night beginning at 6 p.m. depending on the weather. A board member will open the gates and anyone interested can purchase a membership and shoot that same night if they wish. Members have the code to the gate so they have access at any time. A few kids' bows are available at the clubhouse if members would like to bring their kids out and let them give archery a try.

Once a year around fair time, the club hosts a 3D Shoot where all the 3D targets are on a course in the hills. Archers enjoy hiking through the hills and shooting at all the targets. In an effort to get more kids involved, balloons have been put up on targets behind the clubhouse, which the kids loved shooting at. Occasionally, there's even a flying fish, a huge carp on a zip line, which makes great fun for young and old alike.

Lone Tree Archers is actively recruiting new members, and encouraging former members to return. Without enough members to sustain the range, it could be lost, and never gotten back. An annual membership is only $40 for an individual or $60 for a family. To sign up, call 406-489-1946 or 406-480-0078. Forms are also available at High Caliber Sports and Johnson Hardware & Furniture, or sign up at the range on a Monday night.


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