MSU Eastern Agricultural Research Center Field Day June 27

The Montana State University Eastern Agricultural Research Center (MSU EARC) is preparing to host their annual Field Day on Thursday, June 27 at the center, located north of Sidney, 1501 N Central Ave. The day will include information on variety selection, cropping systems, fertility, disease management, weed management, and more, all of which will be beneficial for producers in the region.

Plan to come from 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. for coffee and donuts before the field day begins at 8:30 a.m. During the field tours, Dr. Chengci Chen, EARC superintendent and professor of agronomy, will discuss camelina as a bioenergy crop, including variety selection, planting, and weed management of camelina.

With an increase in soybean acres in the area, plant pathologist Dr. Frankie Crutcher will be discussing white mold diseases; how to identify it, and management strategies including variety selection, fungicide application, and crop rotation. Throughout the field day, Dr. Crutcher will also be discussing Fusarium head blight in spring wheat and durum including proper identification, resistant varieties, and the newest recommendations for a successful fungicide application.

Nisha Patwa, research associate, will discuss root rot identification and seed treatments for Fusarium root rot management, as well as preliminary data of a study evaluating essential oils for root rot management.

Marie Dorval, PhD student at EARC will be discussing Ascochyta disease management during the Field Day. Her research study focuses on the impact of fungicide applications in monocrop and intercropping systems on disease control and seed quality. Dorval will also be sharing some preliminary data.

Other topics during the day will include variety information on dry bean, soybean, barley, and spring wheat, as well as corn-based cropping system, and pulse crop protein breeding and genetics. Whether you are interested in learning more about pest and disease management, cropping systems, or new varieties, the MSU EARC Field Day will provide valuable research updates to assist area producers.

The day will also include a meal and will wrap up by 1 p.m. Pesticide points are pending.


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