Naldy Acing Tennis Courts Of Sidney

Naldy Hans, Sidney, is a hardworking man dedicated to helping bring people together that share a passion for tennis, and also wanting to involve his community is discovering a hidden passion for tennis they did not know they had.

Offering free practice lessons open to the community for those who would love to find more people to play with, or to even learn how to play for the first time. Naldy will be providing open practices on Friday 6-8 a.m. Saturday 8-10 a.m. at Four painted courts. He is looking to train new players and turn them into winners for his upcoming tennis tournament in August.

Naldy has always wanted to become a professional tennis player and has worked long and hard to pave the way to that dream. He came to Sidney after living in Puerto Rico but was born in Haiti. One of his mottos when it comes to playing tennis is "It is you who fights your inner battles, not those around you. When you stay focused, you win."

He knows how hard it can be to find people who would want to play alongside in tennis. So, he is in hope that this will help open the doors for those who wish to further expand their skills and new found hobbies.


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Poexone writes:

Where is 4 painted courts? How do I contact Naldy? I am interested in some sessions.

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