Suspect Arrested in High Speed Pursuit

43 year-old male arrested after high speed pursuit goes from McKenzie County to Billings County.

On June 27, 2024 at approximately 9:11pm (CDT) a deputy with the McKenzie County Sheriff's Office attempted to conduct a traffic stop near Highway 85 and Zoe Road in McKenzie County, North Dakota. The reasoning for the traffic stop was high speeds.

The gray 2020 GMC Sierra continued southbound on Highway 85 at a high rate of speed, failing to stop, therefore a pursuit was initiated. With all the rain we received prior to this pursuit, it was a nice way for our deputies and surrounding agencies to dry off their vehicles, which didn't take long considering speeds got up to 120 mph.

With the help of surrounding agencies, the vehicles tires were eventually deflated with the use of spike strips near mile marker 84 on Highway 85. It took this driver approximately 55 miles to realize he was being chased by the police. But it doesn't end there...

Alfred Lee Clark (43), exited the vehicle and decided he didn't want to comply with verbal commands. After verbal commands were unsuccessful, Clark was tased and taken into custody.

Clark had an active arrest warrant and was charged with the following;

- Felony DUI

- DUI-Refusal (didn't want to give us a breath sample)

- Reckless Endangerment

- DUS (suspended driver's license)

- Preventing Arrest

Of course Clark is presumed innocent of the above charges until the matter is dealt with in a court of law.

Special thanks to the Watford City Police Department, North Dakota Highway Patrol, Billings County Sheriff's Office and the Dunn County Sheriff's Office for their assistance in this pursuit!


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