Tarquin "Glissando" His Way To Success

Tarquin Bennion, Sidney, is one of the few selected students to be offered a full merit ride to the Interlochen summer program. A program that is a 6-week extensive summer program that prepares young adults for playing in orchestras and quartets. There are currently 48 violinists there, with Tarquin learning alongside them. The Interlochen camp welcomes 3,000 students and not only offers programs for music but also theater as well.

The program changes assistant concertmasters each day and he has already served assistant concertmaster for the day,

He is planning on auditioning for Carnegie Hall next year. If Tarquin is accepted, the orchestra will offer him the opportunity to go on tour to five different locations, including ones in Europe.

Tarquin has been taking part in a program in high school that helps students get a jump on college credits and has already obtained 33 credits so far, making him a sophomore in college before he is even 18. He has also won 5 out of 5 in the Saint Patrick Chess opening with the help of his Hungarian teacher.

He learned to play the violin at five from his mother, who was self-taught at 37. When the kids were not home, she would make time to practice. Although that isn't all that Tarquin knows but also knows how to play the fiddle, guitar, and piano.

It's to say the least that Tarquin is accomplishing many amazing things at his age that most teenagers are not even considering. Most teenagers around his age are more consumed with video games or social media. However, Tarquin is a fine example of what happens when you put your heart and soul into something you love and work hard to achieve.


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