Good Cents Store & The Lodge Team Up To Make A Difference

In a heartwarming initiative, The Good Cents Store has partnered with The Lodge assisted living facility to bring a "rags to riches" project to life, proving that you are never too old to give back to the community. This initiative highlights the benefits of volunteering and repurposing materials that would otherwise go to waste in the landfill.

Recently, The Good Cents Store began cutting up cotton t-shirts that were not in good enough condition for resale. These repurposed t-shirts are transformed into rags and made available for sale. Several residents at The Lodge have started volunteering their time to help with this ongoing project, cutting up t-shirts into rags which are then bundled into large bags or buckets.

These rags are excellent for use as "shop" rags and are ideal for oilfield applications. The pricing for these rags is as follows:

• Buckets of Rags: $10 per bucket or $8 refill

• Bags of Rags: $20 per bag

• Bags of Towels: $25 per bag

The Good Cents Store is located at 101 10th Avenue NE, Sidney, at the end of East Main. Proceeds generated from sales benefit patient and resident care at Sidney Health Center.

This collaboration not only supports recycling efforts but also fosters a sense of community and purpose among the residents at The Lodge. It's a beautiful example of how collective efforts can lead to significant positive impacts.

Join Us in Making a Difference!

If you're interested in volunteering and making a positive impact in your community, The Lodge is always looking for more helping hands to support this wonderful initiative. Your time and effort can make a big difference in transforming "rags to riches." Call 406.488.4682 to find out more information.

Visit The Good Cents Store today and support this wonderful cause!

The Good Cents Store is located at the end of East Main in Sidney. Store hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Saturdays from 12:00 to 3:00 PM.


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