Fairview Non-profit Looking To Improve Sharbono Park Recreational Opportunities

Sharbono Park, Fairview, is a beautiful, well-maintained park with room to provide more recreational activities not just for youth but for all ages. Bordertown Fest Inc. (BFI) has taken on the responsibility of overseeing improvements to the courts at the park including, but not limited to, resurfacing the basketball court and transforming the tennis court into a multi-sport surface for basketball, volleyball and pickle ball.

Spearheaded by Jacqueline Free and Shawna Karst, the main goal of the group is to promote health and well-being in Richland County by providing opportunities for organized physical activities. They firmly believe that obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and depression are all epidemics that can be combated with exercise. Updating the areas of interest in the park would incentivize community members to become more active and encourage healthy youth gatherings after school leading to improved mental and physical well-being. “We have an aging community, we need to get people outdoors,” Free said.

BFI has obtained a bid of $150,000 for the project from Versacourt to install both surfaces and paint the multi-sport lines on the former tennis court. The goal is to complete the project within about two years, using grants, donations and fund-raising projects. BFI is a 501 c(3) which means your donations are tax deductible.

Depending on the amount donated, a tiered schedule of recognition will be provided. Along with social media and local press, signage created by Signs of Sidney will be placed at the venues. The schedule is as follows:

Bronze, $500-999, 12x2” name placard; Silver, $1000-2999, 12x4” name placard; Gold, $3000-5999, 12x8” name placard; Platinum, $6000-9999, 16x12” sign; Diamond, $10,000-19,000, 28x20” sign; $20,000-49,000, 36x48” sign; Above $50,000, naming of the court with 60x72” sign.

All donations, including in-kind are most welcome. An account has been established at Merchants Bank, Fairview, for donations.

“We have a big, beautiful park. We need to use it!” Free emphasized.


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