Gaar M. Thomas, III (Tom), 75, St. George, UT (formerly of Fairview, MT)

Gaar M. Thomas, III (Tom), 75, St. George, UT, (formerly of Fairview, MT) passed away Nov. 18, 2023.

He was born in Williston, ND, on March 10, 1948 to Jeannette (Terry) R. Thomas (Taylor) and Gaar M. Thomas, Jr.

Tom spent his early years in Fairview growing up with his two brothers, Dale and Jerry (Dewey). The three brothers were always doing things together like fishing, hiking, swimming, waterskiing; also playing pool, bowling, football, basketball and baseball. He attended Fairview High School participating in numerous sporting activities before graduating in 1966. Following his high school graduation, he spent one year at Eastern Montana College before joining the U.S. Navy and serving his country from 1967-1971. His years in the Navy had him serving on a supply ship bringing critical supplies to our troops in Vietnam.

Following his military service, Tom re-enrolled at Eastern Montana College studying chemistry during the 1973-74 school year before entering the workforce. Upon leaving college he went to work for Conoco Oil, Billings, MT, for two years before leaving to help his brother Dale's hole service business cleaning up after seismograph exploration. Following that, Tom moved on to other various jobs before deciding to "Hit the Road". He would go on many extended travels by car to all parts of the country, working in many part-time jobs, but never staying long before deciding to hit the road again. Although Tom did stay in Oregon long enough to get his college degree in hospitality management. He never wanted to be tied down, he never married, never stayed in one location for very long.

Following his many years on the road he eventually found his permanent home. In 2011, he purchased a condominium in St. George, UT, retired and remained there until his death.

Tom generally enjoyed his many travels, discussing religion and politics with anyone he met during those venturous years. His brothers, Dale and Dewey, would stop and see him during the later years to catch up on the prior year's activities. And, of course resume discussions on religion and politics.

Tom was preceded in death by his father, Gaar (2000) and mother Jeanette (2010). He is survived by his two brothers, Dale L. Thomas (Regina) and Jerry S. (Dewey) Thomas, Great Falls, MT.

A graveside service and remembrance will be held at the Richland Memorial Park, south of Sidney, MT, at 10 a.m. on July 19, 2024.


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