Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Program Grant Funding Available

Apply by Wednesday, August 1st

Montana State Parks ( is encouraging qualifying agencies, clubs and organizations to apply for the Off-Highway Vehicle Program (OHV) FY13 grant cycle funding. Applications must be received by Wednesday, August 1.

OHV grant applicants can include associations, organizations and clubs and federal, state, county or municipal agencies.

The OHV Grant Program eligible projects include; maintenance of existing OHV trails, signing, ethics education, noxious weed control adjacent to trails, enforcement, route mapping, and more.

To apply visit:

Montana State Parks administers the OHV program with funds appropriated by the state legislature. The program relies on partnerships between private clubs and public land managing agencies. The OHV Advisory Committee, comprised of OHV users and land managers, advises Montana State Parks on the expenditure of grant funds and trail issues.

In FY12, 10 projects were funded with $151,000 total in grant funding.

An OHV is a self-propelled vehicle used on public lands, trails, easements, lakes, rivers or streams and generally includes off-highway motorcycles, ATVs (quadricycles), air cushion vehicles, amphibious vehicles, and dune buggies. 4X4 trucks licensed for road use and vessels registered as boats are not OHVs.

OHV Program funding comes from 1/8 of 1% of the Distributor’s Gasoline License Tax, registration decal fees, dealer registration, and nonresident permit fees.

Montana’s OHV program has four components: the OHV Grant Program, enforcement of OHV laws, Safety Education, and Information/Ethics Education Program.

For additional information, contact Rusty Ruchert, OHV Program Manager at (406) 444-7642 or email [email protected].


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