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Dear Editor,

Everyone has heard the election is only (xx) number of days away, the first week in November, and some find the mere mention of that irritating.

But a very important date will arrive much sooner.  This Tuesday, October 9, is the last day to register to vote in Richland County. It is quite simple and painless for those who can make/take the time to visit the Courthouse and pick up the form. For the many citizens that have arrived in our area to help, it is easy to be caught up in the busy daily activities and miss this but it is important ... maybe more important than any election has ever been.

If you are in the oil industry, you probably already know how our President “O” has done little to help production and has done much to stop it.  If you or some of your family is involved in coal development you know how he has vowed to shut that down and is doing a good job of that.  If you are farming or ranching you know about the expanding rules and regulations coming from OSHA and the EPA that will cost you more and take more dollars from your net income.

It seems like government workers and those needing federal assistance are going to be the only ones to benefit by his re-election, but that is only if you believe the empty promises.  At the rate our federal government is spending money (for every $3.00 spent they only take in $2.00), we can’t last much longer.  Really. Try to tell your banker you are making $50,000 per year but expect to continue spending $75,000 per year.  Grade schoolers can figure out that math!

Four years ago quite a few voters (not a majority) were persuaded one man was going to do all things for all people ... and he was also going to balance the budget while he was doing it.  Now he and his crony Congress have operated for years totally without any budget, but have raised the trillions of dollars in national debt by more than 50%.  Some people think you can spend your way out of debt.  I doubt it.

Register to vote.  And then study and VOTE as if it was important ...because it is.


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