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Iversen Uses Nature at Christmas Time


All the things in nature have more than one use, whether it’s for food, products, or even for decoration. Patti Iversen has been donating to the Parade of Trees Auction for 4 or 5 years now, and she always uses natural elements. “It’s my own version of recycling,” she stated. She started using all-natural elements when she saw some of the store windows using them for decorations. She thought it was a great idea so she started doing that also.

She spends half her summer looking for the elements she will be using for that year’s donation. She said, “It’s a multi-faceted project. I’m glad to help the community and I get exercise while I’m collecting the materials.”

The last few years Iversen has donated a wreath. She spends numerous hours collecting the materials and about 3 hours actually assembling the wreaths. “It’s fun to go out and find the materials,” she stated. One of her favorite materials to use is lilac seed pods after the lilacs bloom.

Iversen has also donated a wreath to the Wine & Food Festival the last 2 years as well. “It’s a way to be helpful to organizations and the community,” she stated.

Look for her creations at the next Wine & Food Festival and Parade of Trees.


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