“Read the Most from Coast to Coast”

Students and teachers took a “Reading Road Trip” at West Side for “I Love to Read” month during February. Our theme this year was “Read the Most from Coast to Coast”. As we visited famous landmarks along the way, we tracked students’ reading progress by the number of AR points they earned this month.

Our students won prizes through weekly drawings by submitting tickets for each AR point earned. Each classroom also awarded prizes at the end of the month for the most AR points earned and most improved reader.

On Friday, March 1, we celebrated the end of our journey with a special picnic lunch. Students were encouraged to dress as wacky tourists that day with sunglasses, hats, and any other “touristy” clothing they might have at home.

Classroom prize winners were announced after lunch with a train whistle. They then collected prizes from their teachers. First place in each class for the Most Points Earned was a Kodak FunSaver camera and a certificate for free developing from White Drug. Parents Josh and Andrea Reed donated the cameras. The 2nd Most Points Earned and the Most Improved Reader also received special prizes. Each student in the school also won a “Take a Reading Road Trip” book bag and a certificate of achievement.

We also had a big prize for the one who earned the most points in the whole school for “I Love to Read” month. This year we had a tie! Gary Carpender and Alexis Ruonavaara, both 3rd graders, each earned 68 points. They each won a Vivitar digital camera and a 4 GB SanDisk card to store their pictures on. These were donated by Electricland.

Prizes were also given to the teachers who set a good example for their students by reading and taking AR quizzes, too. Margie’s Car Wash donated 4 free car washes as prizes.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, parents and teachers for making a special effort to make this a memorable time for all our students.

First Grade

Mrs. Beyer’s class;

Dalton Bouchard, Most Points, Isaiah Sanchez, 2nd Most Points, Colin Johnson, Most Improved.

Mrs. Dornfeld’s Class;

Ella Norby, Most Points, Cayden Heck, 2nd Most Points, Amen Powell, Most Improved

Mrs.Lauckner’s Class;

Zander Dingfelder, Most Points, Georgia Archer, 2nd Most Points, Lauren Ruonavaara, Most Improved

Mrs. Simonsen’s Class;

Nora Brengman, Most Points, Tayten Bright, 2nd Most Points, Reilly Whitacker, Most Improved

Mrs. Wieferich’s Class;

Shaniah Painter, Most Points, Braylon DiFonzo, 2nd Most Points, Savanna Juarez and Allie Redmond, Most Improved

2nd Grade, Mrs. Berube’s Class;

Diana Colgrove, Most Points, Tyler Olson, 2nd Most Points, Mason Kindopp, Most Improved

Ms. K Hermanson’s Class;

Emma Doty, Most Points, Mikael Savage, 2nd Most Points, Nathan Romo, Most Improved

Mrs. T Hermanson’s Class;

Lucy Rodriquez, Most Points, Jayden Bower, 2nd Most Points, Cole Humphries, Most Improved

Mrs. Romo’s Class;

Sydney Hinck, Most Points, Sophie Peters, 2nd Most Points, Aubrie Watson, Most Improved

Mrs. Thompson’s Class;

Kassadee Olson, Most Points, Hannah Anderson, 2nd Most Points, KaiLeigh LaRoche, Most Improved

3rd Grade;

Mrs. Jepsen’s Class

Abigail, Martinson, Most Points, Jenna Anderson, 2nd Most Points, Gabriella Juarez, Most Improved

Mrs. Keenan’s Class;

Casey Rehbein, Most Points, Avery Unruh, 2nd Most Points, Jeremiah Lowrey, Most Improved

Mrs. Rosaaen’s Class;

Michael Neff, Most Points, Christianna Wall, 2nd Most Points, Logan Boyer, Most Improved

Mrs. Wheeling’s Class;

Sarah Karanjai, Most Points, Mckenzee Emly, 2nd Most Points, Ella Jordan, Most Improved

Ms. DiFonzo’s Class;

Sean Earle, Most Points, Matthew Hansen, 2nd Most Points, Ali Merritt, Most Improved

4th Grade

Ms. Fehilly’s Class;

Morgan Slade, Most Points, Jessica Romo, 2nd Most Points, Jonny Calix, Most Improved

Mrs. Linder’s Class;

Daniel Schneider, Most Points, Hadley Garsjo, 2nd Most Points, Shyanne Perry, Most Improved

Ms. Zimmerman’s Class;

Brianna Brost, Most Points, Alexa Iversen, 2nd Most Points, Isaac Quiroz, Most Improved

Coast to Coast Winners

Kylie Burnison, Most Points, Rafe Fulgham, 2nd Most Points, Devin Johnson and , Lizzie Waldie, Most Improved.

Reading Road Trip Winners;

Landan Huddleston, Most Points, McKenzy Kostelecky, 2nd Most Points, Brett Lunderby, Most Improved.

Most Points for ALL of West Side

A tie with 68 points each for February:

Gary Carpender and Alexis Ruonavaara.


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