Richland County Injury Prevention Team Would Like To Acknowledge And Thank Lower Yellowstone Electric


During 2013 the Richland County Injury Prevention Team will recognize a local business each month that promotes responsible, safe and positive practices with their employees. The team believes that safety polices implemented in the workplace not only creates a safe work environment but also helps keep our community safe. Employees not only use these practices at work but take them home, which make them great role models in our community.

Lower Yellowstone Electric values their employees and members and believes that safety is our number one concern.  The safety presentations offered throughout the years involve not only line worker safety; LYREA provides a wide array of safety topics for their employees.   “We want our employees to be safe not only on the job, but also in their personal lives.  Due to the changes in our community LYREA requested that the Richland County Prevention team speak to our staff on personal safety awareness.  Many great ideas were taken into consideration on how to improve safety while in your home, vehicle, and even great options for feeling safe while walking in the community to name a few.   Providing this information to our staff not only opens up new ideas for them, but they can also go home and share with their spouses and children who will help build a safer community,” said Jami Propp, Member Service Coordinator.

The injury prevention team would like to applaud the efforts of Lower Yellowstone Rural Electric Association and their employees for caring about the safety of our community. By providing training beyond their basic needs, they are encouraging good habits which in turn will be paid forward in our community.

Thank you Lower Yellowstone REA for all you do in support of our community.

If your business or a business you know supports safety in our community or has policies that help make Richland County a safer place to enjoy life, please contact Mary Friesz, Richland County Injury Prevention Specialist at the Richland County Health Department 433-2207. The Richland County Injury Prevention Team can also assist you in creating and implementing policies.


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