Is Your Child Safe While Riding in a Vehicle? Free Child Safety Seat Check

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children 1 to 13 years of age in the United Sates”. Vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death and injury for teens. Is your child protected each and every time they ride in a vehicle, yours or someone else’s? Ask yourself these questions…..

If they are under 6 years of age or less than 60 pounds do they ride in a child safety seat?

It is Montana State Law and a $100 fine can be imposed on the 1st offense

Does your child fit the safety seat properly?

Does the safety seat fit your vehicle properly?

Is the child safety seat safe?

Is it used? Was it recalled? Has it been in a crash?

If they are no longer using a child safety seat are they buckled up properly?

Do they use the shoulder belt correctly? Does it lie in the correct position?

Do they use their seatbelt each and every time they get into a vehicle, yours or someone else’s?

Do they buckle up when riding with others?

Are you a good example?

National Child Passenger Safety Week is September 15th – 22nd. Take time to make sure your child is properly protected when riding in a vehicle. Heidi Moran, Child Safety Seat Specialist will be available to check your child Safety Seat…

Child Safety Seat Check

Thursday, September 19th

10:00 am ~ 2:00 pm

Richland County Health Department

1201 West Holly

Free Event

Mary Friesz, Richland County Injury Prevention Specialist will also be available to talk about proper seatbelt fits and the importance of wearing a seat belt. She will also have information and resources for other child safety issues. D.A.R.E. Officer Tony Stafford will be also be available to talk about gun safety in the home.

While you are at the health department find out if your child’s health is protected…are their immunizations up to date? The Richland County Health Department Immunization Clinic will be open for the event to check their records. If your child needs an immunization, charges will depend on fee schedule.

If you are unable to stop by the Richland County Health Department during the scheduled check please call the health department at 433-2207 and set up an appointment to speak with one of our specialists.


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