Richland County is Accepting ECP Applications for Flood Damage

Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) Application Deadline is May 30, 2014


Richland County has been approved to implement the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) due to floods. Producers need to file an ECP application with the FSA before starting work on land damaged by flood water. Emergency Conservation Program is a cost share program which assists producers with damage caused by excessive rain and the floods that have occurred. Signup for the program begins on May 1, 2014 and ends May 30, 2014. 

A producer qualifying for ECP assistance may receive cost-share levels not to exceed 75%of the eligible cost of restoration measures. The Richland County Committee has been approved for the following conservation practices to correct damage due to the flood:

EC1 - Removing Debris from Farmland: Practice is used for removing debris from farmland.  A typical example of this is taking debris off cropland and fences.

EC2- Grading, Shaping, Releveling, or Similar Measures: Practice is used for grading, shaping and leveling land that has been damaged by the flood and is returned to agricultural use.   Example - Land has erosion caused by flood and leveling of the land is needed to restore it.

EC3- Restoring Permanent Fences: Practice corrects damage to fences caused by the flood.   Example - Fences in water gaps which have been washed out due to the high water.

Cost-share is calculated up to 75% of the actual costs, after they are adjusted based on the age of the fence.

Age of fence: Allowable actual cost factor

0-5 years old 100% of computed cost-share

6-10 years old 75% of computed cost-share

11-30 years old 60% of computed cost-share

Over 30 years old 0% of computed cost-share

EC4 -   Restoring Conservation Structures and Other Installations: Practice restores conservation structures and installations damaged by the flood. Example - Restoration of ditches and other permanently installed systems destroyed by the flood.  

Eligibility for cost share assistance is based on a minimum of $1,000 of eligible damage. All requests for cost share are subject to the availability of funds.  Producers are encouraged to provide the FSA office with the following data at the time of application: Location of the damage and extent of the damage, such as length of fence, time needed to remove debris, damage to land or conservation structures with estimates of costs to repair. Please call the office at (406) 433-2103 to schedule an appointment.


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