Be Safe this 4th of July

We have all heard the precautions and safety rules at least a few times when it comes to lighting fireworks. But do we really follow them, ”thinking it won’t happen to me or I know what I am doing”. The Richland County Injury Prevention Team would like to again remind the community to be safe this 4th of July. It is your actions and decisions that prevent or cause an injury or worse, a death.

Never allow young children to touch fireworks of any kind, including sparklers

Older teens should only be allowed to use fireworks under adult supervision

Read and follow label directions

Light only one firework at a time

Never stand directly over or close to fireworks while lighting them

Be sure other people are out of range before lighting fireworks

Never throw or point fireworks at anyone

Never light fireworks in a container, especially a metal or glass container

Only use fireworks outdoors

Never light fireworks near buildings, dry leaves or grass, or other materials that can catch on fire

Always have water close by such as a garden hose or bucket of water

Never try to re-light a “dud” firework

Clean up the area and place all exploded fireworks in a metal container overnight before placing in the trash.


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