New Alert System Notifies Montanans About Urban Pests, Insects, Weeds


Montanans can now sign up for “MSU Urban Alert,” a new system to rapidly share information about plant disease, insect and weed issues in urban settings.

“Landscapers, gardeners, homeowners and managers of parks or nurseries might be among those interested in receiving the free emailed alerts,” said Mary Burrows, plant pathologist with Montana State University Extension and director of the Schutter Diagnostic Laboratory at MSU.

“The MSU Urban Alert works the same as MSU AgAlerts, but the new system focuses on issues in homes, gardens, parks or other outdoor urban settings instead of plant disease, insects and invasive plants impacting agricultural areas,” Burrows said.

MSU Urban Alert might warn people to avoid mistaking the fruit of the poisonous vine white bryony with grapes, for example. It could provide the latest information about emerald ash borers or remind people to water their trees in the fall.

MSU Urban Alert is a new service provided by the Schutter Diagnostic Lab and MSU Extension. For more information or to sign up, go to


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