Icy Roads Are Here!

Winter driving is here! After a long and pleasant autumn, winter has arrived and we need to learn to drive on ice and snow all over again.

Ensure a safer driving experience this winter—be prepared, alert and cautious. Take a minute to be prepared.

Always carry a winter survival kit in every vehicle. Tell someone where you are going, your exact route and arrival time. If you get stuck never leave your vehicle, if you told someone your route and time of arrival help will be sent.

Winter Survival Kit Necessities:

NOAA Weather Radio

Flashlight with extra batteries

First aid kit


Additional ‘seasonal-appropriate’ clothing

Whistle to signal for help

Basic took kit, knife & shovel

Tow Chain or Straps, and learn the safe way to use them


Kitty Litter or Sand for traction

Booster Cables, and learn the safe way to use them

Drinking water

Non-perishable, high energy food

Drive defensively - remember there are drivers who may not be familiar with winter driving. Don’t drive distracted and always wear your seat belt.

For more information please go to: http://www.mdt.mt.gov/publications/docs/brochures/winter_maint/winter_survival.pdf


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