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Fair Season

Every summer North Dakota counties have a county fairs. One thing that you see at the majority of fairs is kids with their projects or livestock. An interest in Agriculture can start at a young age for some, whether they grow up on a farm or ranch or learn about it in a class. June 24th-28th is the Williams County fair, this is the time for the kids to shine. At the Williams County fair we have static exhibits, which will include sewing, baking, welding, horticulture, crop production and many more. Starting as young as 5, 4-H members are able to learn life long, the fair is the time to show off their projects that they have worked on all year round.

The other part of the fair is the livestock, members that are showing livestock can range from 5 to 19 years old. Through months of work, sweat, blood and maybe even tears comes the time for them to shine. At the Upper Missouri Valley Fair we have cattle, sheep, goats, swine and rabbits. With the halt on bird movements because of the bird flu, we canceled the poultry show this year. Those that show cattle sometimes pick out their animals once they are born, the rest of the animals are not long there afterwards. Part of the 4-H experience is learning responsibility, the 4-H members are in charge of feeding, watering and general maintenance of these animals for months. Over those months, the members have to halter break steers, shave sheep and swine, and learn showmanship techniques and skills. I mentioned the responsibility factor previously, but leadership, strength, problem solving, and independence are also skills members will learn.

Watching youth be passionate about something like livestock, or one of the many static projects is a wondering site. Having visitors to the shows and the barn stalls is something that the 4-H program looks forward to. So come on out to the fair, be ready to watch some of Williams County youth show off their hard work.

Project Safe Send

Coming up the last two weeks of July will be Project Safe Send. This program is for pesticide disposal for farmers, ranchers, pesticide dealers and applicators, government agencies, homeowners and the general public. This program accepts any pesticides; herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides and fungicides, that are old, unusable or banned in the state. This program is free, the funds are fees paid by pesticides manufacturers to register their product in North Dakota.

If the containers the pesticides are in are deteriorating or leaking, pack them in a larger container and add absorbent materials, such as cat litter. There is no need to preregister unless you are bringing more than 1,000 pounds, if you are please register 5 days in advances at 800-242-7535 or 701-329-2231. Please note: fertilizers, surfactants, adjuvants, pesticide rinsate, empty containers or containers of paints or oil are not accepted at collection sites.

2015 Collection dates and sites that are close to Williams County are listed below, all of them at 9a.m.- 3p.m. local time

Thursday, July 16: Center- 3738 Hwy 25

Friday, July 17: Flasher- 6590 Co. Road 84

Monday, July 20: New England- 11704 61 St SW

Tuesday, July 21: Parshall- 7198 38th St NW

Wednesday, July 22: Kenmare- 49501 422 Ave NW

All of these locations are North Dakota Department of Transportation facilities


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