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Will Zinke help take away American sovereignty?

Letter To The Editor


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an attack on American sovereignty and must be stopped.

Of all the TPP’s attacks on Americans’ prosperity and independence, perhaps the worst is its termination of American sovereignty and property rights. The TPP gives foreign investors special rights to buy American land, businesses, natural resources, ports, and investments but doesn’t require they follow American laws. Even worse, if we ask them to follow our laws, the TPP lets these foreigners actually SUE the U.S. for prohibiting them from making money on their “investment”.

If foreign companies want to take our land to access their new resources, for example, as landowners, we will have no recourse to stop them. Our Constitution no longer matters with the TPP, nor do our courts; the World Trade Organization decides what foreign companies can do on US soil.

Wake up America.

Not only will we lose our sovereignty and property rights, but we will lose markets for our ag products. I don’t care what the commodity groups say, just look at the numbers. Since NAFTA, Canada and Mexico have exported more than $40 billion worth of ag products to the US than we have sent to them.

While the details of the TPP are complex, the overarching truth is ridiculously simple: The TPP is a terrible idea.

Will Representative Zinke really support something that takes away what he claims to stand for? Tell him to stand up against the TPP!

Sincerely, Darrell Garoutte, Wolf Point, MT


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