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By Kai Kunda 

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Series, Part 6: Underage Drinking; School & Parents Goes Hand-In-Hand


December 6, 2017 | View PDF

Community programs educating both youth and parents on underage drinking is old news to most. Communities that understand risks associated with underage drinking are constantly trying to come up with ways to combat this issue more effectively and find ways to improve collection of accurate data. Most strategic solutions to ease underage drinking, has become a continuing effort within communities & schools.

However, why don’t we streamline the process with schools? Our schools play a huge part of a child’s life growing up. From elementary to high school, every youth generally spends about 80% of their waking time in a day learning school curriculum, participating in after school activities including sports events. We all could agree that almost all of our knowledge and understanding on issues comes from the teachings we received in school and from our parents, but how can we improve that relationship to affect change in the underage drinking perception?

With the amount of time youths spent in school on a daily basis, the responsibility of school systems combating underage drinking has no doubt increased over time. Is it however, just the job of educators to emphasize the huge impacts of underage drinking and to bring the message across? Parents too, have the first and most important role in educating & self-discipline. Working hand in hand with your school on combating underage drinking, peer pressure and everyday stress influences youth actions daily.

When parents get involved in school activities and interact in tandem with teachers & counselors, youth are surrounded by positive factors that reduce the risks of using alcohol underage. Early detection on signs and signals allows them to react to the problem in time. Youths came across different stress that happens from time to time when they come face to face with alcohol. Support between parents, schools and youths discourage behavioral issues such as teen peer pressure and decrease risk of using alcohol to cover that stress.

Richland County is a great place to raise families. We are always there to help each other with open arms and maybe it is now time to focus more towards helping the youths within our community. With schools working hand in hand with you, parents, combating underage drinking will require half the effort and we will achieve greater results. Raising youths’ understanding that they have support they need from both school and their parents encourages a think twice attitude.

Challenge yourself to Talk It Up & Lock It Up. Talk to youth about what this information means to you and take precautions by counting and locking up your alcohol. It is that simple to make positive impacts on Richland County youth! Send your comments to the Editor to further this conversation.


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