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The Christian Voting Record Matters


Most voters requesting absentee ballots have noticed that in this primary election the Public Service Commission in District 1 is up for election in June. Travis Kavulla, our current Public Service Commissioner for District 1, is at the end of his tenure and cannot seek re-election. Randy Pinocci worked directly with Travis Kavulla in the 2015 Legislative session, serving on the Federal Regulation, Energy and Telecommunications committee in the House of Representatives. Kavulla and Pinocci worked side-by-side, representing the energy ratepayers of Montana.

Randy Pinocci is the only candidate running in this race with experience working with the Public Service Commission and is endorsed by Public Service Commissioner Tony O’Donnell, who represents Dist. 2, encompassing our largest Montana city, Billings. Randy Pinocci is the only candidate in this race endorsed by any Public Service Commissioner. In addition, Pinocci scored a perfect 100% with the Montana Family Foundation, the National Rifle Association and the Montana Shooting Sports Association. His opponent, Cook, has the lowest score from the Montana Family Foundation of any Republican in the entire Montana House and also scored very poorly on Second Amendment issues, from both the NRA and MSSA.

According to the recent article by the Billings Gazette, opponent Cook conveniently moved into PSC Dist. 1 just a few weeks ago, apparently to be eligible to run for this office. This last minute move is offensive to Montana voters. You have a unique opportunity to elect 100% pro-Christian, pro-gun candidate who has lived in PSC District 1 more than 50 years. Voters of PSC District 1 need to elect Randy Pinocci in this important primary election. Check the box for Randy Pinocci on either your absentee ballot, or at the polls on June 5.

June Buckle, Great Falls, MT


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