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January 29, 2020 | View PDF

Dear Editor,

I would like to sincerely thank the many attendees at the town hall forum hosted by the Republican Party to discuss making Richland County a sanctuary county for the Second Amendment and the Right to Life. I was very pleased to see so many of our neighbors attend the event, which was likely a record of some kind for the county.

As we proceed in this venture, with so many in support, we should realize that not everyone is in agreement. When that is the case, we should state our opinions in a clear, assertive, but kind way. Most importantly, we should remember that we are all neighbors here. Our kids attend the same schools, we go to the same churches, and we frequent the same establishments. If we are to live together, we do not have to agree but we should be civil, polite, and loving in our point-of-view (even if we are firm in it).

We should strive to live in a manner reflective of our values. I’m confident ours is the majority view, for example, but we should still respect others even if we can’t respect their views. Not all views are created equal, but all people are. That doesn’t mean agreeing with them; it means disagreeing respectfully.

We should all strive to rise above the personal insults, character assassination, and petty attacks. I’m personally thankful to The Roundup for exemplifying that, and I’m grateful to every one of my neighbors who agree or disagree, but choose to do so with dignity and respect for other one another.

Jordan Hall, Sidney


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