Burning Ordinance Richland County

The Richland County Commissioners approved the first reading of a new ordinance on Monday to establish open burning regulations, a county burn permit system and a penalty for violations.

Commissioners explained that there has been a burn permit system, but a penalty wasn’t established. “As an ordinance, there can be a penalty to it,” Commissioner Duane Mitchell said. “So, there’s teeth to it.”

According to the proposed ordinance, a person could face up to six months in the county jail, be fined up to $500 or both.

The second reading is scheduled for Aug. 31. Public comment will be allowed.

County officials explain that the ordinance is part of a review of policies to update all ordinances.

The ordinance states that a person who ignites or sets fire, including a slash-burning fire, land-clearing fire, debris-burning fire, or open fire on any residential or commercial property, forest, range or cropland without first having obtained a written permit or permission from the recognized protection agency for that protection area to ignite or set the fire is guilty of a misdemeanor.

An individual who purposely ignites a fire in violation of this section shall reimburse the county governing body or recognized protection agency for costs incurred for any fire suppression activities resulting from the illegal fire.


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