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Dear Editor

Why does our current state senator continue to try and cut funding for our schools and teachers?

I was alarmed when I saw that Steve Hinebauch supported education only 20% of the time. Guess what? After a little more research, I found only one other senator, Bob Keenan, had a worse voting record when it came to education. Shame on you Steve!

In 2019 he voted against HB 211, which addresses recruitment and retention of quality K-12 educators. Our current senator voted against HB 638, which funded special education programs in our state. He voted against HB 387, which increased opportunity for Montana students in programs, like welding, plumbing, and mechanics. Finally, in 2017 and 2019 Steve voted against suicide prevention programs, and human trafficking bills. These bills were meant to help teachers help our most vulnerable students. Fortunately, all these bills passed and were signed into law. Why Steve, are you so against giving our kids a chance for a quality education? Shame on you!

We need someone who supports public education! That’s why I am voting for Pat Mischel for Senate District 18.

Kathleen Burke,

Glendive, MT

Dear Editor:

I had the opportunity to attend the community session on human trafficking presented by Penny Ronning in Glendive. It was three hours well spent and I learned so much. It was great to see Pat Mischel, candidate for Senate 18. It was disappointing that our current senator was not in attendance. It was even more disappointing when I realized Steve Hinebauch was the only senator that voted against SB 147, a bipartisan bill that passed 49-1. This bill revised laws concerning human trafficking and sex crimes to protect victims.

Penny Ronning made these four notable statements

•Trafficking is a crime against humanity

•Trafficking is a community problem that needs community solutions with law enforcement, clergy, teachers, medical personnel, businesses and many other individuals working together.

•We need to contact our legislators because we need better laws

•It begins by our vote because our vote has the power to protect and make change.

Pat Mischel has my vote. I am hopeful he will help our community and state move forward on this important issue, human trafficking.

Sue Peterson,

Glendive, MT

Dear Editor:

We support Melissa Ramona, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Romano is a strong advocate for public education. She champions the idea of local control of schools and the importance of early childhood education. Romano, a National Science award winner has helped write the Montana math and science curriculum, and has worked in the classroom to help students achieve those standards. She is committed to keeping Montana’s public schools public and understands the importance of investing in our schools and our kids.

Her opponent Arntzen would privatize our public schools at taxpayer and educational expense. During her 12 years as a Legislator, Arntzen has voted against school funding (HB 1 SB 1, 2015); for privatizing public schools (HB 322, SB 410, HB 596, 2015, HB 213, SB 81,2013); and voted for a bill to sell public lands (HB 496, 2015).

The current office holder is not doing the job she was elected to do. In the legislative session, she was largely absent and did not weigh in on bills that would affect our public schools.

We are fortunate to have such a qualified candidate on the ballot. Vote Melissa Romano.


George Skerritt,

Terry Skerritt,

Glendive, MT

Dear Editor:

Since this uber important election is rapidly approaching, I feel compelled to heartily endorse Pat Mischel for Senate District 18.

Pat has been an active member in our community for many years. He has served on the school board, volunteered at the ball fields and for AAU wrestling. In addition, to this he has been a member of many local clubs and organizations.

Pat has been involved in local and state issues for as long as I’ve known him. He has the dedication and determination to make things better for all things. Pat is a doer. He is not afraid to speak truth to power and that is a rare quality.

Pat loves Montana and all its people. Let’s elect someone who cares about us and will work for eastern Montana.

Pat can be seen at most events in eastern Montana. He is always an active participant and is not one who shows up just for pictures. Pat Mischel is definitely the type of politician we need due to the stress of this strange world we have experienced since January.

Go Get’em Pat! We need you in Helena.

Carol Swanson,

Glendive, MT

Dear Editor

I am writing to express my support for Pat Mischel’s election in Montana’s Senate District 18.

Pat is a lifelong resident of the Glendive community--- he understands the views and values of Eastern Montana. He has committed his lifetime to raising his family here, and will diligently represent our needs in the legislature.

Pat believes in

• Economic Development - including infrastructure

• Educational opportunities for Pre-K to technical and re-training beyond high school

• Expanding access to our public lands

I think we need someone like Pat with new ideas instead of our current Senator who offers little but the word “No”. Please join me in supporting Pat Mischel for Senate District 18.

Connie Undem,

Glendive, MT


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