Savage Public School Receives Quarter Million To Fix Water Supply Issues

Savage Public School received $250,000 to help provide quality water to both its students and faculty. 

On Wednesday, May 12, the bill, HB 6, was passed and signed by Montana Governor Gianforte, which means that Savage Public School will now have the funding to fix their drinking water supply.

HB 6 implemented the renewable resource grant and loan program appropriating money to the department of natural resources and conservation, which includes an emergency grant for the water system repairs at Savage School. 

Savage School has had water issues for several years and had to shut down the drinking water supply in 2018. The water contained copper, making it unsafe to drink.

Montana Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci, helped bring the water supply issue to light. He said, “When I heard about the water supply issues Savage was experiencing, I was determined to do something about it and it looks like we got that accomplished in the very first session.”

Martha Potter, Savage Public School Superintendent, explained that Pinocci was very instrumental in the process. She said, “Pinocci told me to keep believing that he will do whatever he can to help Savage get our water issue resolved.”

Pinocci wants to know if there is more work for him to do. He wants to ensure that there is safe drinking water for every school across Montana. Pinocci covers PSC District One, which is the largest district in Montana. 

“I can’t think of a time in my life from kindergarten through high school where there was no drinking water. Now this is 2021 and here we are, and the kids don’t have a drinking fountain they can drink from. My question is: how many other schools in Montana face this same issue,” said Pinocci. 

Pinocci makes safety a priority and the people’s safety is his concern. If anyone has any concerns, he would like you to reach out to him at 406-231-3649.

Potter said, “We could not be happier - we have been very blessed to receive this funding and to be able to work with people who are going to help us get to where we need to be.”

Potter is beyond excited to have a quality water supply at the school. She said, “Two years ago this endeavor began and now it will be a reality for our school.”


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