McKenzie County Heritage Park Adds Mural Inside New Building

A premier San Francisco mural painter, Morgan Bricca, finished painting a 3D landscape mural inside Heritage Park Building, Watford City on Saturday, June 5. This mural is custom and a site-specific piece - Bricca wanted it to depict the landscape through the eyes of a pioneer. 

She considers the perspective from which the artwork will be viewed, the lighting, the scale of the space, the colors, mood, and the story she wants to tell with the piece. 

Bricca said, "I spent a couple days just cloud gazing, walking, and driving around - I tried to see what North Dakota might look like to pioneer. The whole process of brainstorming, creating, and fine-tuning the finished piece is an adventure. And it's a ton of fun."

Bricca explained that it has been a pleasure to work with everyone at the Heritage Park. She said, "I am just as happy as a prairie dog on a sunny day. It is such a nice group of people here and I have just felt so supported - this place is filled with good people and beautiful landscapes."

Leroy Lillibridge, McKenzie County Heritage Park board director, helped bring this artist to the area - he had a vision for adding this unique piece to the center.

"This building is really a legacy building for Leroy and his contributions to the community. He is there before I arrive and after I go home. He saw my work and had the vision for this mural," added Bricca.

Bricca is from San Jose, CA, and has painted murals at dozens of schools, stores, and restaurants around the United States. She is an experienced artist with a broad portfolio and an established track record of success. Bricca has been painting murals for 20 years - her career as an artist began after she quit a tech job to pursue her passion for mural painting. Her portfolio of murals and more information about her can be found on her website:


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