Top 5 Must Have Summer Kitchen Items

Having a perfectly stocked kitchen and pantry can be so overwhelming with all the amazing products that are on the market these days. Cooks on Main curated our top 5 must have items to maximize your kitchen without breaking the bank.

1. Chef’s Knife or Cook’s Knife

Cooking can feel like a chore if you don’t have the right knife. The #1 tool to help take out the stress in prepping is a great chef’s knife. We recommend an 8” chef knife for most men and possibility a shorter 6” for most women. Your chef knife will help you get all your produce prep quickly and safely to start your dinner with ease.

Cooks on Main Recommended: 8” Control Chef Knife by Zyliss ~ $49.99

2. A large wood

cutting board

If you are going to pick out one cutting board, Cooks on Main recommends getting a large cutting board that will allow you to prep onions all the way to carving a roast. I would start with a board that is 15”x11”. You will want to pick a wood composite or wood board for all your cutting needs. Our top line Epicurean offers their mid-price point models with nonstick grip feet on the corners as well. If you have a standard board you can minimize slippery surface by placing a damp paper towel under all your boards. Wood boards not only safe for you knives but help keep your knife sharp so less maintenance and Epicurean can even be tossed in your dishwasher!

Cooks on Main Recommended: Epicurean All in One cutting board: 15”x11” ~ $29.99

3. Half Sheet Pan

Talk about all-in-one pan that can do so much from baking to roasting. The half sheet pan is perfect for baking your favorite cookies to my mom’s famous chocolate chip cookie bars. You can add a baking rack to cook your bacon without the grease mess on your counter or even chicken breasts for a quick dinner. My favorite use is to roast off any of my vegetables or potatoes. To have perfectly roasted vegetables make sure you give them some room in the pan. Toss them with 4 tsp of your favorite EVOO (Tuscan Herb), ½ tsp salt, ¼ tsp pepper and roast at 450º. Finish them off with a quick drizzle of barrel aged balsamic!

Cooks on Main Pick: USA half sheet with rack ~$27.99

4. Wood Spoon or Turner

Each of you should have that one trusted tool that you reach to everyday. We still love a high-quality wood spoon or turner since it is safe to use on any pan! It needs to be sturdy to mix your heavy batters or for stirring pasta, soups, or delicate eggs. Just remember hand wash all your wood tools and keep them oiled with a wood preserving oil like Carson brand available at Cooks on Main.

Cooks on Main Pick: Oval Spoon~ $14.99 available in maple or cherry

5. Sauté Pan

A heavy-duty sauté pan becomes your one pot meal pan! Perfect for pasta sauce, chicken piccata, or even your favorite Risotto. While you can choose from a non-stick pan from All Clad, I personally love a heavy-duty stainless-steel pan. You can sear your proteins in the pan quickly; remove to create the perfect sauce just to finish it off in your oven.

Cooks on Main Pick: Heritage Steel 4 qt sauté Stainless Steel: $199.99 or All Clad Non-stick $129.99

We hope this top item will help you stay inspired in your own home kitchen! Remember, “Food is love made visible.”

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