WREC Seed Conditioning Facility Ribbon Cutting

A ribbon cutting ceremony, marking the completion of the new state-of-the-art NDSU Williston Research Extension Center (WREC) seed conditioning facility, was held during the 2021 WREC field day in July.

WREC staff is pleased with the completed facility. It has seed conditioning equipment designed for simplicity of clean-out and ease of accessibility. The new sorter in the facility delivers seed with the highest genetic purity of new and higher yielding/value-added crop varieties. It cleans 200 bushels an hour, which is six times faster than the old WREC seed conditioning facility. The seed is all on one level, allowing time for several projects at once. 

Kyle Dragseth, WREC Farm Manager, "We are excited to start using this new facility - it will allow us to triple our cleaning capacity and guarantee purity of seed varieties. We will also be able to increase the number of crops that we grow for seed production, so that the seeds men will have more options and availability." 


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