Bar JV Angus

This year, Bar JV Angus' annual production sale will be held Tuesday, March 22 in the sale barn at the ranch. They will be selling 100 commercial heifers and 100 bulls.

They will be selling a lot of bulls out of Sitz Resilient, a complete herd sire that ranks in the top of the breed in multiple traits.

Visitors are always welcome to visit the ranch to view the bulls, heifers, or the cows.

"We are always happy to discuss any questions you may have and assist in finding you the right bulls or heifers to match your needs."

For over four decades our family has focused on building a foundation with a functional cowherd.

The year 2021 marks 46 years that Jim and Loretta Vitt have bred quality Angus genetics. Their vision remains the same: to raise cattle that add value to your operation. We are committed to breeding elite Angus females who produces high performance bulls with the profitability of the commercial producer in mind. This year we will calve out 400 registered cows and 200 commercial cows.

We emphasize breeding bone, capacity, and length into our cattle. This enables them to handle the amount of growth that is found in today's genetics, which ensures optimum pounds at weaning and will transmit to feedlot performance. Along with length of body, another thing we look for is a long neck and smooth shoulders, which ensures calving ease. We feel calving ease goes far beyond just birth weight; it has been bred into our cowherd for generations. While we feel that every bull, we raise provides calving ease, we realize that not every bull is a heifer bull. 

The uniformity in this year's bull crop is remarkable. Top end bulls will be found throughout the entire sale. Our standards only offer the top 60% of bulls. We also offer heifers in our spring sale.

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