Best Angus & Quarter Horses

Best Angus will be hosting their 9th Annual Best Angus & Quarter Horses Production Sale at 2 p.m., Monday, March 7, at the ranch southeast of Watford City. The sale will offer 75-registered yearling Angus bulls and 15 coming two-year-old registered Angus bulls. For more information, visit the ranch website,

Prior to their annual production sale, Bests marketed their range ready registered yearling bulls by private treaty. What started in 1987 as a 4-H and FFA project of Pete's has grown into a registered Angus cowherd known for efficient, profitable, maternal cattle that serve the cattlemen of today's beef industry well.

In 2006, Bests had the opportunity to move themselves and their 30-registered Angus cows home to the ranch that Vawnita grew up on in the Badlands of south central McKenzie County. Through intense AI and ET, today the entire brood cowherd at Elkhorn Creek Ranch is registered, AHIR tested, Maternal Plus enrolled, and carcass ultra-sounded since 1995. Of the 300 cows, approximately half are synchronized in the spring and AI'ed and half are used as recipient cows in the ET program.

Best Angus believes it is their responsibility to breed cattle that will provide profitability for their customers' cowherds, as well as their quality of life through focusing on economic and problem free trait selection that is balanced with nature. To be able to do so, selection pressure is applied in their harsh Badland's environment. Bests have extended their grazing season over the last decade and have focused on the type and kind of mother cow who thrives in a harsh environment, while producing calves that efficiently gain in the feedlot, grade on the rail, and push the upper limits of carcass weight without reaching discount.

In addition to their Best Angus & Quarter Horses Production Sale the first Monday of March at the ranch, Best Angus has also partnered with Strommen Ranch and Talkington Angus Ranch to form the Badlands Angus Alliance registered coming two-year-old bull and bred female sale. 

The Badlands Angus Alliance on the first Tuesday of December offered registered Angus coming two-year-old bulls from the three programs and bred females from customers of Badlands Angus Alliance. Badlands Angus Alliance will be supporting Best customers with the Female Focus Sale on Jan. 5. "We have also added an additional cow, due to the overwhelming success of the December sale," stated Pete Best. 

For more information on Best Angus and Quarter Horses or Badlands Angus Alliance, contact Pete at 701-570-6959 or visit


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