KD Angus: Beefin' Up The Breed

Located 12 miles north of Watford City, resides KD Angus, a registered Angus breeding program that focuses on quality with a genetic selection goal of maintaining traits above the breed average.

KD Angus focuses on docility, performance, natural thickness, and ease of fleshing ability while maintaining calving ease. The program utilizes the breeds top A.I. sires that Dragseth knows will enhance his breeding program while improving multiple traits including carcass traits that will add value to the end product.

With bulls like Tehama Tahoe B767 who is possibly the most complete bull in the breed, his combination of $M, $W,$B, and $C is hard to find. There are few sires that can match his combination of calving ease, performance, maternal traits, and carcass merit. Tahoe ranks in the top 10% of the breed for weaning weight and marbling EPD and top 1% for weaning weight value.

Woodhill Blueprint, this bull exhibits exceptional phenotype with the combination of EPDs and genomic profile indicating the proper balance of traits for maternal performance and end product merit. He will add dimension, muscle mass, and depth of body.

Sitz Stellar a real calving ease and performance curve bender type of a bull. This bull ranks in the top 1% of the breed for claw shape and foot structure. He is also in the top 15% for weaning and yearling weight. Stellars are thick and very long bodied. The Stellar sons are from the heart of Nelson Angus program.

Starting Feb. 5, KD Angus will be offering 20 + yearling AI sired, performance, and genomic tested bulls for sale private treaty. We would like to invite anyone to come and take a look.

For more information or to request information contact Kyle Dragseth at 701-770-1652 or 701-444-2475. You can also find us on Facebook.


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