Stroh Hereford Ranch

Stroh Hereford Ranch will be holding their 32nd Annual Ranch Ready Production Sale at 1 p.m. MST, Thursday, Feb. 3, at the ranch located 1.5 miles east of Killdeer Roundabout or 5 miles west of Dunn Center. This year's sale will feature 30 registered Horned Hereford Bulls, 3 commercial Horned Hereford Bulls, 10 commercial grade heifers bred to registered Black Angus Bulls and 20 Blue Ribbon Quality F1 Baldy Heifers.

Stroh Herefords was established in 1950 by Tony (Anton) Stroh, Killdeer, ND. Tony dedicated his life to building a sustainable, functional herd of Hereford cattle. His passion was talking about Hereford cattle and promoting the breed. Tony's youngest son, Mike, along with his wife, Dawn, and youngest son, Matthew, now operate Stroh Hereford Ranch. Lucas, Mike and Dawn's oldest son, is a paramedic in Bismarck, ND and still helps out on the ranch as his schedule allows. Lucas also maintains the webpage entitled

Today, Mike, Dawn and Matt focus on producing Hereford cattle that are "Ranch Ready". At Stroh Hereford Ranch, "Ranch Ready" means that the cattle are structurally sound, eye appealing, functional, high performing and maternally orientated. This year's set of bulls has been rigorously culled due to the drought conditions in much of the mid-west. As a result, this offering of bulls is extremely balanced. These bulls are pail broke, calm, and ready to work for the modern cattle producer.

The Strohs take part in the American Hereford Association's Whole Herd Inventory Program and keep all of the required records to do so. Videos of the bulls will be available online at in January. For more information, contact the Strohs at 701-573-4373, home phone; 701-290-1191, Mike's cell phone; or 701-690-4860, Matt's cell phone. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


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