Changing Up Your Body Care Routine For The Season

(BPT) - When it comes to the changing seasons and onset of fall, we often think of breaking out our boots and sweaters rather than changing up our lotions and potions and prioritizing our overall wellness. There are facets of our overall well-being that can be quick to take care of and, with a little daily maintenance, can create long-lasting positive effects through the fall and winter months that most of us find most dreary. Many would be surprised to know that the easiest of all routine changes that can impact overall wellness is how we take care of our skin.

Your skin, the largest and one of the most important organs in your body, acts as a protective envelope, keeping vital substances in and harmful ones out.

Here are three wellness benefits that come from taking care of this vital organ.

1. Preserves a healthy and fresh appearance. Probably the most noticeable and talked about benefit of a skincare routine is how a daily regimen including cleanser, moisturizer and SPF preserves a healthy appearance. When you look good, you feel good - and the benefit is not exclusive to one area of the body. Body care products help the skin stay clean and hydrated to improve the look, feeling and softness too.

Finding the right moisture level in your body lotion is paramount to the success of your skincare routine. Knowing if you need ultra-rich moisturization or if you have sensitive skin makes a big difference in how your body retains moisture and helps keep you warm in winter months. "We like to recommend people talk to someone knowledgeable and pick a product that works for them so they can follow a routine, and stick to it, so their body reaps the benefits continuously even if they happen to miss one day," says Diego Ortiz De Zevallos, Global Marketing and Brand Development Director, The Body Shop. It's important to educate yourself on the benefits of certain ingredients too. Look for products with shea or cocoa butter, known for their rich texture and hydrating benefits. The beloved Body Butter from The Body Shop offers 96 hours of moisturization and uses shea butter as the core ingredient across 13 scents, so even if you skip a day, your skin is covered. An added bonus: The product now offers an all-new vegan formula and 100% recyclable packaging.

2. Provides a good indicator of overall health. Skin is an excellent indicator of overall health. If you're dehydrated or sick, it often shows on your skin first. Be sure to drink plenty of water and contact a doctor or dermatologist if something more than dehydration seems to be amiss. If you're consuming enough water, your skin will give off a slight sheen, professionals say.

3. Improves your mental well-being. Many experts recommend pampering yourself at home. You don't need an expensive spa to do it either. Just a warm bath, some relaxing music and a great smelling body lotion to massage into skin following a quick towel dry should do the trick. Not only will it help you wash away the day and relax your muscles but the scent from your lotion should soothe you into a soft slumber and rejuvenate you for the next day.

To ascertain if you have normal, dry and sensitive or ultra dry skin, head to or your local store to choose which Body Butter is right for your skin type.


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