McKenzie County Launches Augmented Reality GPS Tours Of The Community

Watford City - McKenzie County Tourism announces the launch of Yondar, a web-based product that allows visitors to virtually explore area attractions while planning their trip. In addition, once guests arrive, this revolutionary tool, built by InnovatAR, a North Dakota-based tech firm, helps visitors navigate outdoor attractions and unlock prizes for visiting points of interest right from their smart phones.  

Yondar virtual tours are available in downtown Watford City, Tobacco Gardens Marina & Resort, and in the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Utilizing the capabilities of smartphones, Yondar allows visitors to easily find friends, family and points of interest. With a nimble user interface and no need to download an app, users can quickly begin exploring via a 2D map or in 3D space with augmented reality, which will both help them plan their trip to McKenzie County as well as make the most out of their time while they’re here.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to launch this innovative, high-tech experience for our visitors,” said McKenzie County Tourism Director Doug Bolken. “This community strives to be on the forefront of growth and exploration, and that includes technology. We have so much to offer guests, and this new tool provides an opportunity to discover the Watford City area in their own way and on their own time.”

“Using Yondar is both fun and easy. Users simply click on the URL and view nearby points of interest called ‘beacons.’ Beacons include downtown restaurants, scenic overlooks and tourist stops along the way.” Bolken said.

Yondar is equipped with gamification that allows users to track their progress and unlock prizes from the Visitor Center. Users can also send a private link to friends and family, then instantly share location data and stay connected while touring the county.

In addition to enhancing the onsite visitor experience, a desktop experience is available at This online tool showcases photos, videos and immersive 360-degree tours of the scenic attractions. 

To use Yondar when visiting McKenzie County, go to the following links:

Watford City:; Tobacco Gardens:; Theodore Roosevelt National Park:

To watch a video demonstration, click on: Yondar for McKenzie County Tourism.


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