MSU Extension Publishes New & Updated MontGuide Fact Sheets to Aid Montanans

BOZEMAN — Montana State University Extension recently published five new or updated MontGuides on a variety of topics to provide unbiased information.

As part of their outreach efforts, MSU Extension specialists and agents write MontGuides with information gathered during their research and outreach work throughout the year. The fact sheets are designed for all Montanans, including agricultural producers, home gardeners, families, landowners and other groups.

New and existing MontGuides are located online at, where they can be downloaded for free or printed copies can be ordered for a small shipping fee. For more information, call the MSU Extension Distribution Center at 406-994-3273 or email [email protected].

The new MontGuides include the following:

Cover Crops as Partial Replacement of Summer Fallow

This new, four-page MontGuide summarizes information from three MSU Extension bulletins about cover crops, also called covers or green manure. Cover crops are one tool to improve soil health and long-term agricultural sustainability, especially when grown in place of fallow, or uncultivated, land. The focus of the MontGuide and bulletins is on covers planted as partial fallow replacement in dryland systems of the northern Great Plains. The MontGuide is available at

Rattlesnake Safe in Montana

This four-page MontGuide is for outdoor enthusiasts to learn more about seasonal rattlesnake activity, which species are in Montana, rattlesnake habitat and range, as well as identification and safety tips. The MontGuide is available at

Buying Local Meat in Montana: Consumer Options

This four-page MontGuide addresses increasing interest in purchasing local meat products. Consumers can learn about different types of processors in Montana, inspections and certifications, where meat can be sold and meat grading. The MontGuide is available at

Income Tax Impact while Selling, Gifting, or Leaving Property as an Inheritance

This four-page MontGuide explains the income tax concepts of basis and adjusted basis and illustrates potential tax consequences of a decision to sell, give or leave property as an inheritance. Property owners can learn the difference between the stepped-up basis on inherited property and the carryover basis on property the owner gifts during lifetime. The MontGuide is available at

Testamentary Trusts in Montana

This eight-page MontGuide explains questions that Montanans have asked about testamentary trusts, which allow a trustee to manage assets on behalf of a beneficiary. The guide explains what they are, what assets can be included, who can create them, who can be a beneficiary, duties of a trustee and cost and tax consequences. The MontGuide is available at


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