Kids In The Kitchen


Bringing your kids into the kitchen to make healthy meals and snacks is one way to support their learning and growth, plus have a little fun. Kids can learn safety around kitchen technology, the stove, oven and knives under adult supervision.

Food preparation and safety are keys to healthy meals. Karen Fifield, Michigan State University Extension, writes in the article Kids in the Kitchen, “these topics can be discussed and be passed from generation to generation: where does it (food) come from, how do we prepare and cook it, what is safe and how do we keep it for later use?”(2022)

Teaching children about nutrition by making their own simple snack or cooking with the family around a holiday theme can be a joyful learning experience. Fifield continues, “begin with simple recipes.” She lists a few tasks that even the youngest children may assist with:

• “measuring - teaches them math skills and the importance of the science behind cooking

• washing - all vegetables and fruits

• setting the table

• develop communication skills - while preparing the food and eating together.” (2022)

“Allowing children to participate in all aspects of the kitchen creates a confident, food safe youth and learning in the kitchen is something you can share as a family,” writes Fifield (2022). Tasks and responsibilities regarding safe food preparation can become more technical as children grow up with kitchen skills. Learning safe temperatures for cooking, serving and storing food and using a food thermometer are information for older children.

Fifield concludes, “Kids in the kitchen can be a great experience for the adult in charge and for the youth involved.” (2022) Whether you are starting now with older children or beginning with preschool aged children there are simple lessons and recipes available through Michigan State University Extension and at

Happy Cooking.

For more information on Cooking with Kids, check out the Richland County Nutrition Coalition Facebook page at, and the Pinterest page at


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