5 Beauty And Style Tips For Staying Fresh This Spring

(BPT) - The sunshine and gentle breezes of spring inspire people of all ages to update their style so they look and feel their best. While fragrant flowers are blooming all around, the warmer weather can leave you feeling less than fresh.

"Feeling fresh is a state of mind," said Dr. Maiysha Jones, Procter & Gamble Senior Scientist/ "Seasonal changes can impact how we feel, so with temperatures shifting and the extended daylight, you might start noticing differences in how fresh you feel. Fortunately, you can stay looking and smelling great with just a few simple tips."

Feeling confident this spring starts with staying fresh. Here are five tips for updating your routine so you feel your best inside and out:

1) Sip to stay glowing

Being more active during warmer weather means you need to focus on hydration. Drink plenty of water. It's pretty easy to keep a water bottle nearby. Need a healthy flavor boost? Add fresh fruit like lemons or berries to your water, or snack on hydrating, water-filled veggies like cucumbers.

2) Shower the day away

As spring arrives, you're likely sweating more and spending more time outdoors, and you might also be showering more often. Try a warm shower in the evening to wind down your body and mind, helping you relax before bedtime. Plus, if you're sensitive to allergens, an evening shower will help minimize things that might cause congestion as you sleep.

3) Spray on all-day freshness

An effective antiperspirant/deodorant in a new scent is ideal for spring, such as the new Secret Weightless Dry Spray that provides 48-hour sweat and odor protection. The targeted spray gets the product where it's needed, plus the redesigned fragrances provide superior all-day freshness. This spray is free of heavy waxes and alcohol, and is made with pH balancing minerals to help stop odor before it starts.

4) Create a sunny wardrobe

Because spring can bring a variety of weather, dress in layers so you can easily adjust to stay comfortable. Time to put away the heavy, cozy gear and opt for lighter fabrics, such as cotton, that breathe. Play with fun colors representative of the season or to boost your mood, accessorize! And since you might be bearing more skin, don't forget the sunscreen, even when it's cloudy. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher on any exposed skin.

5) Get your beauty sleep

The longer daylight hours are wonderful, but one drawback is it can cause you to delay bedtime. This can mean you get less sleep, which can cause you to look and feel less than your best. Doctors recommend that active adults get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. It's also a good idea to maintain a regular bedtime so you feel refreshed when you wake up and can fully enjoy the next day.


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